Coachman Pastiche Range

2019 models 

The Pastiche has a wide range of versatile layouts to choose from and for the 2019 season which includes the 470 layout; a central bathroom that has a fixed rear island bed. Using the state-of-the-art Alde central heating system, you will never be cold again and being fully programmable it ensures you will constantly have efficient, even heating throughout providing you with all the benefits of a modern domestic central heating system.

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Pastiche Range Features

This season’s version of the Pastiche comes with the type of innovative features that Coachman is renowned for developing.

Coachman Pastiche Range Specification

Model Berth MTPLM Length (SL) Width Price
Pastiche 460 2 1335 kg 6.25m 2.26m £22,345
Pastiche 470 2 1320 kg 6.33m 2.26m £22,885
Pastiche 520 3 1435 kg 6.93m 2.26m £23,785
Pastiche 545 4 1535 kg 7.44m 2.26m £24,155
Pastiche 565 4 1539 kg 7.38m 2.26m £24,155
Pastiche 575 4 1525 kg 7.43m 2.26m £24,155

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